When should you request a modification to your child support?

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Alaska couples who have divorced or ended their unwed relationship may have children to consider. Those who have a child support order already in place may need that order changes. Certain situations call for a modification.

Change in income of one or both parents

One of the most common reasons to have a child support order modified is a change in income for one or both parents. Whether someone’s income has decreased or increased, it’s fair to have a modification made to balance things out.

Change in the child’s needs

The child’s needs might change due to various circumstances. As a result, there might be a need for modification to the child support order based on education, extracurricular activities or medical care. For example, if the child is switching from public to private school or needs surgery for a sudden medical condition, more money in child support may be necessary.

The paying parent is incarcerated

If the parent who pays the child support becomes incarcerated, it’s a valid reason to request a modification to the child support order. It could take some time before the modification takes place in this situation.

Change in the paying parent’s medical condition

Another reason for a child support order modification is that the paying parent’s medical situation has dramatically changed. For example, if the parent was in a serious car accident and has suffered a catastrophic, disabling injury, they could have large medical bills to focus on and might need to pay less toward the child.

New child

Financial obligations can change if the parent paying the child support has a new child. The court might adjust the support order to reflect that.

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