Domestic violence impacts households

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Domestic abuse may traumatize members of a household. When an abuser attacks, threatens or torments a spouse, child or another loved one, and the victims might be unsure about what to do. Sometimes, the victims could call the police and press charges after an assault. Abusers could face criminal charges in an Alaska courtroom for their behavior.

The many forms of domestic abuse

Physically hitting a family member represents an egregiously violent act. An assault might be the one form of domestic violence people are most familiar with, but other actions constitute domestic violence. A sexual assault is another terrible crime sometimes uncovered during domestic abuse investigations.

Domestic abuse could also involve constant bullying and threats. Neglect may reflect domestic abuse, considering how a neglected child or older person may suffer when neglected. Some instances could tragically result in manslaughter charges if someone dies from neglect.

Families may suffer tremendously when abuse occurs. Long-term psychological problems might impact victims for many years. Therapy could be necessary to overcome PTSD if such a disorder manifests.

Addressing domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence may ask the courts for help. Seeking a protection order might be advisable, as the order could impose restrictions on a violent spouse. The spouse would have the ability to offer a defense, but a temporary restraining order may remain in effect until the judge makes a decision.

The court may require detailed proof of violence or threats to issue a protection order. Presenting the court with text messages or witness statements may help.

Those who commit domestic violence may face criminal charges. Victims could explore their options to press charges against an abuser.

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