What happens if you can’t afford a support payment?

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Failing to make child support payments could result in penalties such as a fine, the loss of professional licenses or time in an Alaska jail. However, it may be possible to avoid some or all of them if you make a good faith effort to pay what you can in a timely manner.

Don’t ignore past due payments

Past due child support balances cannot be rescinded or forgiven, and this is generally true even if an existing order is later modified to reflect a change in circumstances. If you have a balance in arrears, it is in your best interest to contact the court overseeing your case as quickly as possible. The same is true if you don’t think that you’ll be able to make an upcoming payment on time. Doing so may allow the court to postpone an upcoming payment or modify a plan to allow you to catch up on past payments without incurring additional penalties.

Your former partner may be able to help

Your child’s other parent is not required to cash a child support payment right away. In fact, they are within their rights to simply return a payment to you. As long as the money is sent in a timely manner, you are technically in compliance with a judge’s order.

If you are struggling to make child support payments, it’s critical that you take action right away. Doing so may make it possible to create an alternate payment plan that allows you to care for your child without causing a financial hardship. In circumstances warrant, you may be able to obtain a reduction in your monthly payment or other types of relief that make it easier to meet your child support obligation.

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