Examples and signs of domestic abuse

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Domestic abuse may come in many forms and cause physical, emotional and financial distress. In some cases, abuse victims may be granted restraining orders by Alaska judges. Such an order typically requires an abuser to stay a certain distance away from a victim as well as refrain from calling, texting or otherwise contacting the victim.

Signs of physical abuse

Physical acts of domestic violence tend to get the most attention because they tend to be the easiest to spot. If you notice that a friend or loved one has bruises, scratches or broken bones, it may be the result of actions taken by the victim’s spouse or partner. Victims may try to conceal their injuries by wearing baggy clothing or by wearing makeup. They may also try to explain their injuries by saying that they tripped on a cracked sidewalk or simply walked into an object.

Signs of emotional abuse

If you notice an abrupt change in a friend or loved one’s mood, it could be a sign of depression caused by emotional abuse. A victim may be called fat, lazy or ugly by a partner or spouse who wants to control the victim’s thoughts or actions. Emotional abuse may also result in a victim becoming estranged from family or friends, which puts the victim in a state of perpetual dependence on the abuser.

If you are the victim of physical, emotional or other forms of abuse, it may be possible to take legal action against your abuser. In the event that the abuser is the parent of your child, you may have grounds to terminate their rights to be around the minor.

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