What do you need to know about appealing child support order?

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It is possible to appeal a State of Alaska Child Support Services Division order. There are certain restrictions in place on what you can appeal and within what time frame. Some issues are for the Alaska Superior Court rather than the Office of Administrative Hearings.

Certain CSSD orders are non-appealable

You’re not able to appeal court orders through CSSD. If you have a child custody dispute, then you need to file with the Alaska Superior Court. Most CSSD notices are appealable through the Office of Administrative Hearings. If it is not, you will be notified. You may appeal that type of order through the Alaska Superior Court.

How to appeal a CSSD order

CSSD notices that are appealable come with an appeal form that you must fill out and send to the Office of Administrative Hearings. If you have lost the form, Alaska allows you to appeal via a letter. You must clearly state what you dispute and why you think the child support decision is incorrect.

Notification of a hearing date

The Office of Administrative Hearings sends out hearing notices via certified mail. This department is also in charge of scheduling dates for hearings. If you need to reschedule, then you must make your request with the Office of Administrative Hearings. Your notice will let you know the contact information.

Time to make an appeal

It’s important to promptly request an appeal. You only have up to 30 days to appeal a CSSD order. The Superior Court also only allows 30 days for requesting an appeal.

If you have a valid reason to dispute a notice on your child custody, then you may file an appeal. The nature of your disagreement determines whether you need to request an appeal with the Office of Administrative Hearings or the Superior Court.

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