Dealing with in-laws during a divorce

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Getting divorced in Alaska is often quite stressful. There’s a lot to manage, including dividing assets, establishing a new household, and coping with feelings of loss and sadness. Interactions with in-laws can be awkward even if your Alaska divorce is amicable.

Set and respect boundaries

You may have had a close relationship with your in-laws during your marriage. Now that your marriage is ending, however, your estranged spouse needs to be the focus of any support offered by their family. You may need to put conversations and get-togethers with in-laws on hold until your divorce is final.

Another reason to respect boundaries is that emotions often run high during divorce proceedings. You, or your in-laws, may become upset during a conversation and say something that causes deep hurt. Limiting contact reduces the risk of an interaction that might damage any chance of maintaining a positive relationship.

Be careful on social media

Divorcing spouses should always be careful about what they share on social media. One reason is that you are likely connected to one or more of your in-laws through your accounts. Information you share could upset your spouse’s family members and may get back to your spouse, possibly creating tension that could make your divorce more difficult.

Encourage healthy relationships with your kids

One way to manage your relationship with your in-laws during your divorce is to remain child-focused. While your marriage has ended, your children remain connected to their extended families. Encourage calls, chats, and visits between your kids and your in-laws.

Divorce involves many relationships, not just the one between spouses. Positive, respectful communication with your ex’s family can make your transition to single life easier.

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