Divorce can take its toll on grandparents 

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One of the most difficult aspects of divorce is that it impacts the entire family. Spouses will have to take a completely different direction in life post-divorce, and this can impact the children. 

Grandparents may be overlooked, but they can also feel the effects of a divorce. Here’s how divorce can take its toll on grandparents.

Relationships with grandchildren 

The most pressing concern for grandparents during divorce will most likely be maintaining a relationship with their grandchildren. Contentious cases can be especially stressful for grandparents, because the law in Arkansas currently does not offer grandparents the right to demand custody. 

Usually, however, the courts will deem it in the best interests of the child to maintain a bond with close family members, including grandparents. 

Tension between former spouses 

Family dynamics can become complex after marriage. In-laws may not necessarily get along well with one another. Or, the complete opposite can occur and in-laws can form a very close bond. 

In any case, the dynamics change again post-divorce. Grandparents can find themselves caught in the middle of a battle between feuding spouses. Staying neutral and impartial in such situations can be very difficult. Nonetheless, this is often the best approach if grandparents want to prioritize gaining easy access to their grandchildren post-divorce. 

Grandparents may not have automatic custody rights written into law, but this doesn’t mean they have no rights at all. A case can usually be made that it is in the best interests of the child to maintain a close relationship with their grandparents. 

The best way to assert your rights as a grandparent is to seek legal guidance as soon as possible.  

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