Staying organized during a divorce

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Alaska couples who are facing the end of their marriages have many bases to cover, especially when there is a substantial amount of marital property or debt. In order to help alleviate the financial and emotional wrath of divorce, it is a good idea to make a list of the documents you may need to show in court.

Checklist of important divorce documents

Whether or not legal counsel is retained for the end of marriage, you will still need documentation of your debts and assets for the court. Having these documents in hand before you go to court can save you time and money.

The following list can be a good organizational starting point for many couples facing divorce:

  • Items owned by each individual before the marriage
  • Items acquired during the marriage (marital property)
  • Gifts or inheritances each individual acquired during the marriage
  • Mortgage, credit card or other loan statements
  • Proof of income for both spouses
  • Employment, benefit, health insurance and life insurance plans
  • Bank statements including retirement fund statements. stocks or bonds
  • Prenuptial agreement or separation agreement, if applicable
  • Three years or more of past tax return statements and business tax returns, if applicable
  • Proof of expenses for medical bills, schooling and extracurriculars for children, or club memberships

Because assets and liabilities vary extensively among couples, no two divorces will be the same. You may need fewer or potentially more documents than shown in the list. If you and your spouse have children, for example, you will need to discuss and agree upon a parenting plan including specifics on parenting time and expenses.

Divorce is rarely easy, but gathering the necessary documents ahead of time can help keep you organized and reduce the associated stress.

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