Keeping an eye on your children post-divorce

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Even an amicable divorce can be upsetting. Just because a couple has gone their separate ways, doesn’t mean they don’t have fond memories and feelings. Children, in particular, can find divorce difficult. They may not yet be old enough to fully understand what has happened.

While it is perfectly possible for your children to thrive post-divorce, it is important for both parents to keep an eye on them. Here are two signs to consider.

Has your child become withdrawn?

Some children are quiet and others are highly sociable. Children will show different signs of struggling. Nonetheless, one thing that you and your co-parent can look out for are signs of withdrawal. For instance, your child may no longer be interested in the hobbies they participated in prior to divorce. Their friends may stop calling because they told them to.

One thing that can help with this is to have open discussion with your child. Invite questions from them and try to give them answers in an age-appropriate manner.

Are they having trouble at school?

Your child may spend most of their time at school. You can’t physically see what’s going on with them during these hours. Nonetheless, you can work with the teachers. Teachers are trained to deal with different familial situations and to be in tune with their students. You may consider asking the teacher for progress reports and also request that they contact you if they notice any unusual behaviors.

The success of your child post-divorce will largely depend on the custody arrangement you have in place. When negotiating a custody order or requesting modifications, it is essential to have legal guidance behind you.

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