Avoiding common parenting mistakes after divorce

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If you and your spouse are considering divorce in Alaska and have children, navigating how you parent your children after the split can become confusing. While you don’t intend to make mistakes, most likely you will. These are some of the most common ones.

Adjusting to changes in parenting

Although you will continue to raise your children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you won’t be able to raise them in the same manner after the divorce. As you adjust to this new reality, mistakes are bound to occur. Part of moving forward is recognizing what you have done and how to manage these mistakes.

The most common newly divorced parents make are:

• Arguing over trivial matters

• Overindulging your kids

• Badmouthing your co-parent

• Making your children choose

It’s easy for kids to forget things when they travel between two homes. Don’t sweat the little stuff when your child forgets a favorite item. Ditch the bag-packing routine and have a set of essential items in each home. This method doesn’t mean you are overindulging your kids. Avoid the most expensive items to outdo or badmouth your co-parent’s capabilities. Although you can ask your children’s opinion on various subjects, you should never make them choose between you and the other parent.

Developing your parenting plan

When going through a divorce, your children should be one of your primary concerns, developing a parenting plan and a child custody agreement with their needs in mind can help you and your ex-spouse avoid the most common post-divorce parenting mistakes.

Some families may want to work with mediators or other trained professionals to devise workable arrangements. Such professionals can often help you avoid mistakes and smooth the transitions that you and your children must face, making the parenting process easier for you and your children.

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