Discussing your divorce with your parents

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Divorce is a very personal experience, but it’s inevitable that people will find out about it. This isn’t always something you can control. However, you can control how people find out about it — particularly your parents.

Your parents may be confused, upset or even angry about the divorce at first. Careful discussions can help alleviate some of this.

Outlined below are a few key considerations on speaking to your parents about this matter.

Tell them how you feel

Your parents may be fond of your spouse and supportive of the marriage. However, you are still their child at the end of the day. Your happiness should be their top priority.

Tell them why the marriage is no longer working. You don’t have to get into sensitive details, but a broad understanding of your feelings will help your parents come to terms with the divorce.

Invite questions

It’s only natural that your parents will have questions. As long as you feel comfortable, it can be helpful to address their concerns. It’s likely that they’re just concerned about your well-being and your future.

Assure them that they’ll still be able to see their grandchildren

If you have children, your parents may be concerned about the role they’ll continue to play in the lives of their grandchildren. It’s best if you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to custody. In this case, you’ll be able to assure your parents that they’ll still see the grandkids on a routine basis.

Divorce impacts the entire family, including the couple’s parents. As you navigate the process, it will benefit you to have legal guidance on your side.

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