It can take time to blend a new family after getting divorced

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If you’ve gotten divorced in Alaska and have children, you may eventually start a relationship with another partner with kids. Blending your new family requires a plan to ensure you all get along. Communicating, staying flexible and working as a team can help you succeed.

Define the roles of each family member and encourage communication

When you’re blending a family after a divorce and have stepchildren, it’s helpful to let them know you’re not replacing their biological parent. Communicating with them can help you be clear about the roles each of you will play within this new family unit. Showing respect to their biological parent and speaking well of them can help build trust.

Flexibility and patience is essential

Having children with different schedules can be complicated. Staying patient while you blend both families can help make it easier to solve problems. Being aware of your stepchildren’s feelings about the divorce is crucial. Knowing their feelings, friends and interests is essential to building a relationship with them.

Be a good listener and don’t try to change an established parenting style

Respecting the opinions of your stepchildren can also be helpful. Act as a positive role model by showing compassion, respect and cooperation. When entering the lives of children familiar with a specific parenting style, it’s best not to change it. It might be helpful to have a specified time when you get together and discuss how everyone is doing. This action lets everyone voice their opinions and know they are being heard.

As a stepparent, you can be a positive role model and highly influential in the lives of your children and stepchildren. Focus on enjoying the journey and know that when struggles appear, how you handle them is crucial.

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